Posted on: April 14, 2014

Ranch Sourdough Pretzels are addicting, very, very, very addicting. My mom has been making these for years. I love them. We don't always make this but when we do watch out. They go fast.

I needed a quick and easy snack to take to a Girl's night (wine night....) and knew Ranch Sourdough Pretzels would be the perfect go to recipe. I was able to stop at the grocery store, pick up my ingredients and prepare these pretzels before Ken got home from work and still have time to relax ... Yah right!

The original recipe calls for baking at 325 degrees for 15 minutes but I only baked for 8 minutes. I didn't want the pretzels to dry out too much.

A Litte History...

It's simple, I started this website because I enjoy cooking. Cooking isn't one of those dreaded chores for me. I hope that after you try some of these recipes you begin to enjoy cooking too. Or maybe you already enjoy cooking but you are looking for new recipes or ways to spice up your old recipes. Whatever brought you to Kneady Kitchen, I hope you find it. I also hope you find happiness within your kitchen!

As I began to try new recipes and now as I try different recipes, sometimes several phone calls are made to my Mom and/or my Grandma. My husband can't imagine why so many calls are needed for one recipe...but I am sure you understand. "How do I do this?" "How do I do that?" "What temperature do I cook this on?" "How long should this cook?" "Why doesn't this look right?" The questions could go on and on! A trained chef I am not, but what I am, is a girl that loves to cook.

My goal is to provide you with easy to understand recipes and pictures to help you visualize what you are doing. I plan to continue to explore and experiment with new recipes and different ideas. I hope you will take this journey with me, checking back frequently and providing feedback, ideas and suggestions.

Thank you for stopping by We hope that you find Kneady Kitchen helpful and inspiring.