About Me:

Wow, so much has changed in the past FOUR years. It is hard to believe that my husband Ken and I started KNEADY KITCHEN over FOUR years ago. After a few - wait, make that a lot of changes KNEADY KITCHEN has really become what we had visualized and continues to evolve. When Ken and I were married I had no choice but to end up elbows deep in new recipes (he loved home cooked meals!) I always thought I would enjoy cooking but it wasn't until I actually tried it that I realized how much I like preparing home cooked meals.

Hmm about me...where do I start? I am from a small town North of Pittsburgh. After Ken and I were married we made the leap from small towns to the big city then back to the suburbs. We have two adorable daughtera, Ava and Ana (we like 3 letter, A names) and of course I can't forget their big sister, CoCo, our precious dog.

Things that I LOVE/CAN'T live without! Ken, Ava, Ana, CoCo, family, friends, eyeliner, nailpolish, flip-flops, Diet Coke, fresh flowers, my iPhone, beach vacations, summer nights, blizzards, snowbound, Facebook, Tweezerman tweezers, memories, pictures, how Ava and Ana smell when they just get out of the tub, my Kitchen Aid mixer, Italian bread, Olive Garden dressing, PIZZA, Mexican food, X's and O's, Grandma's cooking, the smell of fall, Autumn leaves, budding trees, talking on the phone, meeting new people, taking a bath, relaxing, wine, chocolate, sleeping in, CoCo's sweet kisses, being called Momma/Aunt Sis, laughing till it hurts, reminiscing, grilling out, the smell of rain, a clean house, Clorox and Comet, weekends, Birthday's, clean sheets, Christmas lights, the first snowfall, comfy sweaters, smiles, Oreos, yoga, country music, clear nights and of course, cooking.

The recipes I use are family recipes, recipes that friends have passed on or recipes that I have found in magazines or on-line. Sometimes I change measurements/ingredients or do things a little differently. I will always pass along exactly what I do, that way I can give you an honest opinion. When possible I will always credit the original source.