Artichoke Dip
I was craving a good artichoke dip. I have made spinach and artichoke dip but I was looking for strictly an artichoke dip this time around. I found this recipe and was instantly sold.
I found so many bruschetta recipes that I decided to take a little of this, a little of that, improvise and make my own bruschetta recipe.
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Every party needs a dip doesn't it?! According to my husband, my family eats way too many dips. He HATES all dips. That's a sin if you ask me. I absolutely LOVE buffalo chicken dip. I serve buffalo chicken dip with either tortilla chips or wheat thins.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks
Buffalo chicken pizza sticks are spicy, cheesy, and the perfect party snack. Dip these in Ranch or Blue Cheese and serve with celery and carrots for a wing effect. Spice 'em up or tone it down, either way these are a winner.
Energy Power Balls
No Bake Power Energy Balls are so easy to make it's crazy. Enjoy these before or after a workout or just alone as a snack to satisfy your inner chocoholic. No matter why you eat them, you're gonna wanna thank me.
Guacamole takes 5 ingredients and less than 15 minutes. There isn't any reason why you shouldn't be making this now! Plus, homemade is way better than store bought!
Kale Chips
Kale chips are a healthy, flavorful alternative to greasy potato chips. Perfect fresh from the oven. Full of flavor and crisp.
Mediterranean Dip
Mediterranean Dip is a recipe that was passed on to me from my friend Amanda. It is amazing. Flavorful and simple to prepare. Mediterranean dip is always welcomed at any celebration.
Pepperoni Rolls
Pepperoni rolls are so delicious and will be a hit at any party. I have made pepperoni rolls for several different occasions. Perfect for parties, luncheons or just a snack. These pepperoni rolls are simple to make and although the bread isn't sure tastes like it is.
Ranch Sourdough Pretzels
Ranch Sourdough Pretzels are addicting. Really, really, really addicting. There is no way you can eat just one. Flavorful, crunchy, deliciousness. Go ahead try them...guaranteed you will love them.
Rosemary Pecans
Rosemary pecans can be enjoyed as a treat at a party or packaged for a great holiday present. Rosemary pecans are different from your typical holiday nut. The seasoning gives the pecans a taste that is so distinctive you will be instantly hooked.
Sausage Bread Bites
This is a quick and easy recipe that you can make ahead and have stocked in your freezer. My husband and I also enjoy these when we are in a hurry and want to have a quick snack.
Spinach Artichoke Dip
As much as I love cold spinach dip you can't beat this hot spinach and artichoke dip. Spinach and artichoke dip reminds me of an appetizer that you would order at a restaurant.
Texas Caviar
Texas Caviar is new to me but instantly loved. A mix of beans and veggies with an awesome homemade dressing. Instant hit.
Zucchini Fries
Zucchini fries are an excellent alternative to greasy french fries. Baked with a crunchy coating of bread crumbs, garlic and Parmesan cheese.
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