Buffalo Chicken Dip

Recipe Adapted From: Marsha Hall
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Every party needs a dip doesn't it?! According to my husband, my family eats way too many dips. He HATES all dips. That's a sin if you ask me. I can assure you that every party, picnic, get together my family has there will be a dip of some sort present. Buffalo chicken dip is an old favorite. I beg Ken to try it but he refuses...he doesn't know what he is missing.

I absolutely LOVE buffalo chicken dip...and this comes as quite a shock considering I hate chicken wings. I serve buffalo chicken dip with either tortilla chips or wheat thins. Buffalo chicken dip is another dish that you can make spicier if you prefer, just add more hot sauce.

As with most dips, buffalo chicken dip contains cream cheese. One time I had a party and I swear four of the dips I served were made with cream cheese but it is so yummy. Every time I make buffalo chicken dip for a party it is a hit! Just make sure you don't bake it too long, if you do, it will be too runny.

Serves   : 
Prep   : 15 Minutes
Cook   : 20 Minutes
Preheat Oven   : 350 Degrees

1 lb.    boneless chicken breasts
12 oz.   Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce
2 - 8 oz.   cream cheese
12 oz.   Ranch dressing
1 cup   shredded monterey jack cheese

Boil and shred chicken breasts.
Melt cream cheese and ranch dressing on low heat. Stir frequently
Mix in shredded chicken.
Add hot sauce and mix well.
Pour into 9x9 glass dish.
Top with monterrey jack cheese and bake until bubbly, approximately 20 minutes.

4/28/2011 6:18:16 PM
Thanks Robin. I appreciate you checking the website! We are enjoying sharing all of these recipes. I wish Ken would try some of these things. I know he would love it. I definitely remember you. Cheech mentions you a lot! Keep in touch.
Robin Cox
4/28/2011 12:48:12 PM
This recipe looks great along with all of them. I had to laugh because my husband Roger won't try certain things either. I always tell him that he don't know what he is missing, but he doesn't seem to care. I don't understand. By the way,I love your website. If you don't remember me, I used to work with your mother-in-law Cheech at the restaurant. I have never met you all but I feel like I know you. Cheech is soooo nice, I miss working with her. Take care. Keep up the good work...
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