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Recipe Adapted From: Rachael S.
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Cake Pops are an amazingly awesome treat...birthdays, showers, celebrations of any kind really or no reason at all! Cake Pops are the latest craze and I had to jump on the bandwagon. I had a vision for Ava's First birthday after much research I made Cake Pops for the first time. Amazing! Why didn't I think of this?!

Although Cake Pops aren't hard to make, they do require some time; especially the first time you make them. I didn't get too fancy but in the future I hope to experiment with some creative ideas. Right now I'll take sprinkles...I actually love sprinkles, who doesn't?!

I can practically guarantee that you will love Cake Pops, plus, you can make them for way cheaper than you can buy one. Ummm $1.50 per pop at one super popular coffee shop?!? Try it out - you won't be disappointed.

If you haven't had a Cake Pop you need to try one NOW! Chocolate shell with moist cake inside, yes please!! From what I understand you can use any flavor cake mix / frosting. I decided to use chocolate / chocolate. I know my family, and you, can never go wrong with chocolate.

Serves   : 
Prep   : 1 Hour plus ...
Bake   : 35 Minutes
Preheat Oven   : 350 Degrees

1 box   Chocolate cake mix, prepared as directed in a 9x13 baking dish
1 can   Chocolate frosting
   Chocolate melts
   Styrofoam square ( if desired, see below)

Prepare cake mix as directed. Bake in a 9x13 dish.
Once cake is baked and cooled, destroy cake. I used a knife to cut through the cake several times.
Put cake crumbles into mixing bowl, add 1/2 jar of frosting.
Chill mixture over night.
Line baking sheet with waxed paper.
Roll dough into balls. Place onto baking sheet and freeze for 1-2 hours.
After balls are chilled, melt chocolate in microwave. Increments of 15 seconds works best, be prepared to not overheat especially if you are working with white or colored chocolate.
Remove balls from freezer.
Dip sticks into the chocolate 1/2 inch then insert the sticks into the balls. This will anchor the Cake Pop to the stick.
Hold the Cake Pop by the stick and dip the entire ball into the melted chocolate. Gently shake off excess chocolate.
Sprinkle with desired decoration then either insert stick into styrofoam so that ball remains round or place on a piece of waxed paper stick up. This will flatten the top of ball and this is how I did it.
As you are dipping the chocolate balls you may need to place the remaining balls in the freezer if they are starting to fall off of the stick.
After you are done you can leave the Cake Pops out there is no need to refrigerate.

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