Pasta Salad

Recipe Adapted From: Marsha Hall
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Whenever I think of picnics and summer get togethers I always think to serve pasta salad. I love pasta salad because of the pepperoni and cheese. I think the pepperoni and cheese in pasta salad make it! You can add any vegetables that you choose to add. I used green peppers and olives but other vegetables that you could add would be onions, cauliflower and broccoli.

Once you add all of the ingredients if the salad seems dry or not flavorful enough, you can add more Italian dressing and seasoning as needed. Also, don't forget to mix well before serving. Next time you are getting together with family and friends, enjoy pasta salad as a side definitely goes well with those summer picnic hamburger and hot dogs!!

Serves   : 
Prep   : 15 Minutes
Cook   : 
Preheat Oven   : 

1 pound    cooked tri colored pasta (cooled)
3 1/2 cups    chopped vegetables (green peppers, olives, onions.
   cubed cheese
1 cup    Italian dressing
4 tbsp    Salad Supreme Seasoning

Chop vegetables, cube cheese and pepperoni. Prepare pasta as directed on package.
Add vegetables, pepperoni and cheese to pasta. Add seasoning.
Add dressing and mix well. If you feel that salad is too dry add more Italian dressing.

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